Library Rules

The members of the library are obliged to observe the following rules of the library.

1. The library is open from 8.30 am to 5 pm on all workingdays inclding Saturdays and vaccation.

2. All the students and staff are the members of the library and entitled to borrow books.

3. They have to submit an application in the prescribed form to avail to this privilege.

4. The identity card issued by the college should be produced while entering the library.

5. College Identity Card, Identity Tag and Bus Concession Card should be returned at the completion of the programme for getting the library clearence.

6. Members of the library are allowed to carry only blank sheets of paper and pen with them to the library.

7. All personal belongings should be kept in the Personal Property Counter of the library before entering in to the library.

8. While entering/leaving the library, users should make user check in/ checkout at the check in counter.

9. Library users should keep the mobile phone in silent mode when he/she entering the library.

10. Strict silence is to be maintained in the library and its premises.

11. Students are entitled to borrow books on the production of barcoded college ID card.

12. The number of books to be issued to students and staff shall be as follows:

Teaching staff - 10

Adhoc faculty - 7

Non-teaching staff - 3

PG student - 6

UG student - 3

13. The loan period is 14 days for all members. However, librarian reserves the right to call back any book at any time from the borrower, even if the period of loan is not expired.

14. An overdue charge of `1 per volume per day shall be levied if a book is kept beyond the period of loan

15. Books issued should not be exchanged

16. Readers should not mark, underline, write or tear pages or otherwise damage the library documents. Borrower should be responsible for any defect detected when book is returned and he/she will be required to replace the defective book with new one or pay such compensation as may be fixed by the librarian

17. If a book is lost, the matter should be immediately reported to the librarian.

18. Identity card issued to members is not transferable

19. If a book is lost from a member, it must be replaced with new one or paid for such compensation as may be fixed by the librarian

20. Reference books and damaged books shall not be issued on the loan

21. Books once issued from the library should not be carried within the premises of the library without the permission of the librarian

22. Library is having a Book Bank facility. Through this facility, a student can get a book until the end of a particular semester. At the end of the semester, the book has to be returned on or before the notified date.

23. All journals and magazines should be kept in proper places.


1. Computers and internet should be used only for academic purposes.

2. User should not use internet and any other equipment for recreational purpose.

3. Personal laptops will be allowed inside the library but the users should maintain such an environment, which will not disturb the others.

4. Library card holders can use computers at the network resource centre for a maximum of one hour per day. Users can also book computers for a maximum of 1 hour per day.