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 Treat Malayalam language and literature in a broad humanistic context to examine them with reference to the cultures and cultural traditions to inculcate in students advanced abilities to utilize Malayalam language for a multiplicity of purposes in a rapidly changing world to meet national developmental needs and global challenges.


 In keeping with the mission of the College, the Department of Malayalam draws on its multicultural strengths and values to develop and maintain a highly dynamic atmosphere of excellence in scholarship in the language of Malayalam through effective teaching, learning, generation of ideas, and knowledge dissemination.


 (a) Expose the students to various languages, literatures and cultures to make them knowledgeable and sensitive members of global society.

(b) Maximize students' communicative competence through challenging curriculums, innovative teaching methodologies and latest technological support in the teaching / learning process.

(c) To provide the students with the skills to understand and appreciate the rich heritage and cultural diversity of the world.

(d) To develop students critical reading, writing, and creative skills through the study of literatures in various languages, composition and rhetoric, and creative writing.


Academic and Aesthetic Excellence, Ethical Conscience, Service Mindedness, Professionalism and Global Outlook




The department has 3 well-furnished ICT-enabled classrooms for teaching its Language Courses (58.5 sq. mtrs each that can occupy 70 students each).

The Outside Classroom Spaces of the Department is also made technology enabled learning spaces by providing Campus Wide WiFi Internet Connectivity for Students to effectively use outside classroom spaces as learning places by accessing learning resources from the LMSs maintained by the College, learning resources hosted at other web platforms and other wide assortment of learning resources available online

The Department has transformed the classrooms into 24x7 learning centres through activity-based learning blended with online methods. Besides using the MAMOC Moodle for offering the courses in online mode, the Department uses the G-Suite subscription of the College for offering courses on 24x7 mode. Besides, the individual faculty members use other social media platforms like YouTube, Google Classrooms, Telegram Groups, Facebook, Messenger Groups, WhatsApp Groups, for making the classrooms as 24x7 learning centres.

Besides the Classrooms, the department has a multipurpose educational spaces, with an occupancy of 10-30 students, designed as a learning spaces for additional support activities for slow and advanced learners, student-centric group based, interactive learning activities, interactive discussion, and active learning.

The Department has access to other Common Facilities like state-of-the-art General Computing Lab, Digital Library, Library Learning Resource Centre, Seminar Hall, Audi-Visual Hall, Conference Room, Recording Studio, Sports & Game Facilities, and all other infrastructure facilities of the College

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Former Faculty Members


 Prof. K.K. Hashim

Associate Professor