About Library


  M.A.M.O college library has started functioning along with the college inception itself. College Library is housed in a spacious building near the main entrance of the College.  The college owes its existence to the concerted efforts made by Jb. Vayalil Veerankutty Haji (Late) at its helm of affairs. College library is named after Him. Vayalil Veerankutty Haji Library complex is functional and modular in construction. It has an area of1405 sq.mts and it is functioning in two floors.

Our library supports the teaching and other educational function of the M.A.M.O college programs and creates a conducive learning environment for its users through the acquisition and management of materials including but not limiting to books, periodicals and electronic resources. The holdings of the library are intended for the use of the college faculty, staff, students, orphanage community and peoples in neighbouring areas.Open access facility in the library helps the readers to  browse in the stack and select the books of his/her choice. The Library is open from 8.30 to 5pm on all working days and its online resources are available 24X7 hours.

Library operations are computerized using integrated library automation system - KOHA. Open access repository for scholarly and/or published digital content is developed using DSPACE Software created by  Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Hewlett-Packard (HP) Labs.  Library maintains a seperate website to help the students as a gateway to its e-resources : www.mamoclibrary.in/ 

Vission : 

  • Enhancing intellectual growth and creativity by developing collections, facilitating access to information resources  and implementing innovative technologies.

Mission : 

  • To provide comprehensive resources and services in support of research, teaching, and learning needs of the academic community
  • To facilitate access to right information at the right time in the right manner so as to produce productive citizens to this great nation in general and to our community in particular
  • Foster the aquisition of skills necessary for independant lifelong learning.
  • To extend library facilities and services for the benefit of orphanage community and peoples in neighbouring areas.

Core Value : 

  • Equal and free access to information and knowledge at right time in the right manner

Objectives : 

  • To plan, procure, develop and maintain adequate library resoucrces for responding to the information needs of college community
  • To provide a learning environment conducive to academic needs along with regular updating of learning resources
  • To orient the students, faculty and staff with regards to the usage of library resources and use of new technology in library
  • To disseminate relevant and updated information to faculty, students and staff
  • To provide users with prompt offline and online services
  • To conduct various activities, maintain records and report.
  • Use innovative technologies and facilities for delivering quality service to patrons