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B.Sc Computer Science (Honours)

 Core  Computer Science
 Complimentary  Mathematics & Electronics
 Duration   6 Semesters
 Syllabus  2019 Admission onwards


Learning Resources

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ENG1 Commom Course (Video) ENG1A01 Transactions:Essential English Language Skill (Videos) ENG1AO2 Ways with Words literatures in English (Documents) (Videos) ELE1C01 Electronic Devices (Videos) Database Management System and RDBMS (Videos) MTS2C02 Mathematics II (Videos) ENG2A03 Writing for Academic & Professional Success (Documents) (Videos-I) (Videos II) ENG2A04 Zeitgeist :Reading on Contemporary Culture (Documents) BCS2B02 Problem Solving Using C (NPTEL & MOOC Course Links) (Web Tutorial Links) (e-Book) (Virtual Lab Links) BCS3B04- Data Structures using C (NPTEL & Web Tutorial Links) A14 Data Communication & Optical Fibers (Documents) (Video) MTS4C04 Mathematics IV (Videos) Open Course Environmental Chemistry (Video) BCS4B05- Database  Management System  and  RDBMS (Web Tutorial Links) BCS5B08  Java Programming (Videos) (Web Tutorial Links) BCS5B09- Web Programmi ng using PHP (Web Tuorial Links) BCS5B10  Principles of Software Engineering (Documents) (Videos) (Web Tutorial Links) BCS6B11- Android Programming (Web Tutorial Links) (Video) BCS6B12 - Operating Systems (Web Tutorial Links) BCS6B13 Computer Networks (Documents) (Videos)

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