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B.Sc Physics

 Core  Physics
 Complimentary  Mathematics & Computer Science
 Duration  6 Semesters
 Eligibility  Plus two science or its equivalent
 Intake  48
 Syllabus  2020 Admission onwards


Learning Resources

ENG1 Commom Course (Video) 
ENG1A01 Transactions:Essential English Language Skill (Videos)
ENG1AO2 Ways with Words literatures in English (Documents) (Videos)
MTS2C02 Mathematics II (Videos)
CSC2C02 Fundamentals of System Software, Networks & DBMS (Documents) (Videos)
ENG2A03 Writing for Academic & Professional Success (Documents) (Videos-I) (Videos II)
ENG2A04 Zeitgeist :Reading on Contemporary Culture (Documents)
PH2B02 Mechanics II (Videos)
CSC3C03 Problem Solving Using C (Documents) (Videos)
ENG3A05 Signatures (Documents) (Videos-I) (Videos II)
ENG3A06 Spectrum (Videos)
PH3B03 Electrodynamics-I (Videos)
MTS4C04 Mathematics IV (Videos)
Open Course Environmental Chemistry (Video)
PH5B07 Quantum Mechanics (Videos)
PH5B08 Physical Optics and Modern Optics (Videos)
PH5B09 Electronics (Videos)