Muhammed Abdurahiman Sahib

For more than two decades, from 1921 to 1945, Muhammed Abdurahiman Sahib had been a shining star in the national, cultural and social movements in India, especially in the Malabar area. During the short span of his forty eight years of life he had been in jail for nine years. His imprisonment and the opposition that he had to face, both from his own community and from the other political organizations, made him stranger than the other leaders of his time. He was a real hero who always upheld his ideals and fought for his principles.

The Malabar district, being part of the eastwhile Madras Province, participated in the full in the mainstream of Indian Politics. Muhammed Abdurahiman Sahib had been a member of the Madras Legislative Assembly. Serving as the chief editor of the Al-Ameen he fought against British imperialism and exhorted his readers to fight against evil of foreign dominations.

The college is situated in the place where he fell dead. Muhammed Abdurahiman Memorial Orphanage College is founded in memory of the great patriot. We are happy that we tread on the same ground trodden by the great son of Malabar.