Tutorial System

The college follows a well-structured tutorial system. Students are divided into different groups and each group is assigned under the tutorship of a faculty member. The tutor keeps a detailed record of each student, which contains his/her academic and non-academic status. The tutorial hours provide an opportunity to the students to discuss their problems, personal and general with their tutor.



  1. Dr. Daughty John

Assistant Coordinators:

  1. Ms. Shijila K. S.
  2. Ms. Reshma Sebastian.
  3. Mr. Muhammed Jaffer V.
  4. Mr. Muhammed Anees P. C.
  5. Mr. Shibu C. G.
  6. Mr. Jasir K.
  7. Ms. Jasna. E.
  8. Mr. Mirshad K. C.
  9. Mr. Basheer P.
  10. Ms. Sana M. A.
  11. Mr. Muhammed Basheer T. K.
  12. Mr. Aboobaker K .