The institution is keen on making available the different types of scholarships and freeship schemes offered by the Central, State Governments and the College to the students on time. Some scholarships and freeships disbursed among the students are Post Metric Scholarship, Suvarna Jubilee Scholarship, Muslim Girls Scholarship, Higher Education Scholarship, Central Sector Scholarship, State Merit SC/ST Scholarship, Lakshadweep Scholarship, University Merit Scholarship, etc. The details and application forms can be obtained from scholarship coordinator. College Alumni provide a scholarship for economically backward students. It is given to four UG students on the basis of merits and means.

The Scholarship Cell provides guidance and support to students to apply for various governmental, non-governmental, management and alumni sponsored scholarships and e-grants.


  1. Ms. Rukkiyya V. P.(Coordinator)
  2. Mr. Mohinudheen N (Joint Coordinator)
  3. Mr. Muhammed Anees P. C. ( Assistant Coordinator)
  4. Ms. Suhaima K. ( Assistant Coordinator)
  5. Ms. Shameera P. ( Assistant Coordinator)
  6. Mr. Anoop N. K. ( Assistant Coordinator)
  7. Mr. Mirza Ghalib K. T. ( Assistant Coordinator)
  8. Mr. Riyas K. ( Assistant Coordinator)
  9. Dr. Saheer Cheemadan. ( Assistant Coordinator)
  10. Mr. Basheer P. ( Assistant Coordinator)
  11. Mr. Abdul Bais P ( Assistant Coordinator)