Policy For The Award Of Scholarships/Freeships

The College, located on the foothills of Western Ghats, caters to the educational needs of a predominantly rural indigent student population. Due to the specific nature of the locality, 90% of the students are from the BPL families and therefore, have limited financial support from their families. Adding to the financial deprivation faced by the students, 80% of the student population of the College are girls, who are included in the more vulnerable sections of the society. From the analyses of the data on the drop-out rates, the College observed that a major reason for drop-outs from the College is the financial constraint faced by the families. The students usually drop-out from the College on compulsion to earn money to support their family.

Realizing the difficulties of the students from the financially deprived families, the College, as per its lofty vision of building a scientifically oriented, intellectually accomplished, morally upright, socially committed and economically empowered youth - women, minorities, orphans and the destitute in particular - who can play a constructive role in nation building, has set-up a Scholarship Cell in the College to support the students from the low-income families.

The Scholarship Cell of the College functions under the charge of a team of staff, appointed by the Principal as per the recommendations of the College Council. The general constitution of the Scholarship Cell is as follows:

NODAL OFFICER: A Senior Faculty Members


CONVENORS: One faculty representative from each teaching departments and a representative from the College administrative office (usually the Clerk who is in charge of scholarship duties).

The aims and objectives of the Scholarship Cell include:

  • Extend financial support to maximum number of students who have financial constraints
  • Organize awareness programmes or arrange interactive sessions with students to create awareness on welfare measures to the deserving students by the way of scholarships and freeships
  • Provide timely information on scholarships and freeships opportunities to students
  • Assist the students in applying for the scholarship and freeships
  • Assist the students in getting the necessary certificates for applying the scholarships and freeships
  • Ensure that all eligible students apply for the scholarships and freeships
  • Motivate the students to sustain and improve their academic standards, as most of the scholarships and freeships are based on merit, the students are
  • Coordinate with regulatory authorities, other bodies and the College administrative office for forwarding the scholarship and freeship applications of the students
  • Verify the scholarship and freeship applications on a timely basis
  • Ensure that the scholarships and freeships are being disbursed to the students on a timely basis.
  • Maintain all relevant records, including records on scholarships and freeships applied and received by the students in different categories
  • Pursue scholarship release with Government and private organizations
  • Regular reporting of the activities of the Scholarship Cell to the Principal/IQAC
  • Provide various category-wise student reports, student financial status reports, scholarship reports, etc., to governmental and non-governmental agencies, as demanded.