Gender Equity Policy

MAMOC Vision on Gender Equity is based on the national and international human rights frameworks, including the National Policy for Women 2016 and the Universal, Declaration of Human Rights. This policy reflects the application of international human rights standards, norms and principles, which include gender equality and non-discrimination., This policy envisions gender integration at all levels and in all areas of operations of the Colleges, so that women and men benefit equally thereby ensuring that inequality is not perpetuated. The policy is largely an internal guidance document, outlining a joint vision, strategic priorities and processes for integrating gender perspectives throughout the curricular, co-curricular, extra-curricular, community and, social extension programmes/activities and implementation, including their monitoring and evaluation. This policy applies to all stakeholder of the College. This policy is expected to give a broad strategic orientations for implementation, including institutionalizing gender equality in the organizational culture of the College and advancing gender equality throughout all areas of its activities programmes and functioning.