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Nature Club & Bhoomithra Sena Club

These clubs jointly organizes several action-oriented environmental activities to create among the students the awareness about the importance of protecting our nature & environment. The club enlists student participation in maintaining a clean and healthy campus by planting more trees, holding seminars, debates and talks on topics related to current environmental problems. The clubs also conduct study tours to eco-tourism centres. The clubs are maintaining an herbal garden in the College with verities of medicinal plants.


  • Mr. Shafi K. M

Assistant Coordinators

  • Mr. Vishnuprasad S.
  • Ms. Sana M. A.
  • Ms. Jasna E..
  • Ms. Ruksana Khadar P. K.
  • Ms. Ummukkulsu K.
  • Ms. Akmal Irfana P.
  • Ms. Shuhaina. T.
  • Ms. Varsha K. K.
  • Ms. Saranya E. P.
  • Ms. Juvairiya P .

Plants maintained in the campus