Faculty Research Assistance Policy

Muhammed Abdurahiman Memorial Orphanage (MAMO) College, Manassery, Mukkam, Kozhikode, Kerala, India, believes that the quest for new knowledge and the application of knowledge to important societal needs should be part of the life of every institution of higher education. Research, therefore, is essential and not merely an activity supplementary to teaching.

The College is of the view that the research experiences enrich an institution in many ways. Teachers who engage in research can integrate their experience in the classroom by challenging the students to face with fundamental questions and problems as researchers do. Instilling a research culture improves the institutional environment for all, not only students, and signals high aspirations and a seriousness of purpose of the institution. Another benefit of the research to institution is that the research requires infrastructure, including modern facilities, equipment, and supplies, so establishing research activities means improving the physical condition of an institution.

Research also builds and burnishes the reputation of an institution, attracting superior students and faculty. Not only are faculty drawn to such an institution but they are more likely to remain. Further, research opens up possibilities for collaboration, locally, regionally, and globally. These connections raise the profile of an institution and create opportunities for advancement of many kinds, including associations with industrial firms that are nowadays an increasingly important partner in higher education initiatives.

This policy document on FACULTY RESEARCH ASSISTANCE intends extend financial assistances and supports to internal faculty members of the College aiming to upgrade their academic knowledge through promotion of research.